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The Northside Chronicle has provided over 35 years of free, printed newspapers each month to the residents and guests of the community. Made by residents for residents, our small and mighty community newspaper continues its tradition in a modern world. With the addition of the website in 2010, and subsequent social media platforms since then, The Northside Chronicle continues to connect to the community with stories that contribute to a better quality of life for our readers.

We will never add a paywall for our digital content. We offer paid mailed subscriptions for those who wish to show their support by ensuring a copy of each printed issue is received. While the newspaper industry as a whole experiences a colossal change, here at The Northside Chronicle, we view this change as an opportunity for strengthening our commitment to serving Northside neighborhoods.

Over the years people have asked if, instead of a subscription, they can could donate an amount toward The Northside Chronicle’s news gathering and publishing operations. A type of pay-it-forward request for the free newspapers readers pick up each month to connect to their community and the issues that matter. We listened, we checked the facts, and we’re excited to launch a simple way to provide our readers the opportunity to give back in the way that they’ve asked.

Any contribution is appreciated and helps cover the cost of producing your community newspaper, The Northside Chronicle.

Your donation is tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor, the Northside Community Development Fund, a 501c3 non-profit.

Use the ‘Donate’ button below to proceed to our PayPal platform and choose the amount you would like to contribute. Donors do not need to set up a PayPal account to proceed, simply choose the ‘Donate with Debit or Credit Card’ button to give as a guest.

Thank you for supporting us, our advertisers, and the Northside community by reading the hyperlocal news for your neighborhood.

P.S. If you would like to donate by check instead, please make checks out to “Northside Community Development Fund” and include in the memo “Northside Chronicle Donation.” Postmark to our office at: 922 Middle St., Pittsburgh, PA 15212