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Features and updates on local athletics from clubs to high schools to youth programs.

Propel Northside has new mascot, new athletic program

Built from student initiatives 2017-2018 season marks first athletic program at Propel Northside By: Neil Strebig Starting this year Northside Propel will be implementing a new athletics program for their students. Boys and girls grades 6...

Youth football is back in Manchester after 50-year absence

After five decades without a youth football program, the Manchester Jaguars are back offering Manchester residents a positive influence for their children By: Christopher Ward It’s not all about wins and losses for the Manchester Jaguars...

Manchester Jaguars 2017 Schedule

After 50 years without a team the Manchester neighborhood's youth program's first season is underway.   Week 1: August 13 Manchester Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Kings Results: Termites (ages 9 to 10) ...