Zone 1 Appreciation Day thanks public servants on the Northside


Above: Officers Robert Jurich and Scott Bobak stop by Zone 1 Appreciation Day for dinner. (Photo by Kelsey Shea).

The Northside Public Safety Council took an afternoon to say thank you to the many police officers, firefighters, crossing guards, paramedics and other public servants who work in the Northside with a luncheon on Tuesday.

From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Zone 1 public servants could stop by Risen Lord Parish in Brighton Heights for a full meal, T-shirts and a chance to win one of 32 door prizes that include Pirates and Steelers tickets.

“It’s important for us to show our appreciation of our public servants,” said David Stacy, Northside Public Safety Council president. “I hate to call them servants, but they really do serve our communities.”

The council funds Zone 1 Appreciation Day through donations from the offices of politicians like City Council President Darlene Harris, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and State Representative Adam Ravenstahl as well as community groups like East Allegheny Community Council.

This is the 16th annual Zone 1 Appreciation Day.

“We’re the only zone that does this,” said Stacy. “The mayor’s office actually said they’d like to see all the zones copycat.”

The committee had prepared enough food to feed 150 officers throughout the day and saw rushes at both lunch and dinner time during shifts.

“It makes us feel good that there are people out there who appreciate what we do,” said Zone 1 police officer Scott Bobak who stopped by for an early dinner.

Fellow officer Robert Jurich agreed.

“Most of the time we get these calls and half of the people are not happy to see us there and the other half aren’t happy about how we handled it,” said Jurich. “Sometimes it’s just good to know people are on your side.”

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