83 WPAHS doctors named best in America


From the West Penn Allegheny Health System:

The latest edition of The Best Doctors in America, a peer-review-based guide to the nation’s top healthcare professionals, lists 83 physicians from the West Penn Allegheny Health System as among the nation’s finest.

Best Doctors Inc. compiles the list annually, based on a confidential survey of physicians asking for nominations of doctors that they regard as the best-trained, most experienced and most skilled specialists in the United States, regardless of where they practice.

The Best Doctors survey asks, “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty and you could not treat them yourself, to whom would you refer them?” Each doctor surveyed may evaluate physicians currently on the list, or suggest additions for further review.

West Penn Allegheny Health System is a physician-led healthcare organization based in Pittsburgh, Pa. Recognized as a healthcare quality and personalized service leader in its market, the organization’s sole purpose is to improve the health of people in the Western Pennsylvania region.

West Penn Allegheny physicians recognized as “Best Doctors” in 2011 include the following:

  • Anesthesiology– John Hoyt, MD
  • Cardiovascular and Thoracic– Robert Biederman, MD; Tony G. Farah, MD; Srinivas Murali, MD; David M. Lasorda, DO; Yvonne B. Maher, MD
  • Critical Care Medicine- Anil C. Singh, MD
  • Endocrinology and Metabolism– Wayne A. Evron, MD, Murray Gordon, MD
  • Family Medicine– Martin I. Seltman, MD; Fred K. Fioravanti, MD; David G. Hall, MD; Robert D. Beasley, DO; LaDonna Fuge, MD
  • Gastroenterology ¬¬¬– Paul Lebovitz, MD
  • Hand Surgery– Mark E. Baratz, MD; Dean Sotereanos, MD
  • Infectious Disease – David L. Weinbaum, MD
  • Internal Medicine (general)– David A. Bertocchi, MD; James J. Reilly, MD; Frank Colangelo, MD
  • Medical Oncology and Hematology– Gregory S. Long, MD; Sigurdur Petursson, MD; Charles Srodes, MD; Moses S. Raj, MD; Cynthia K. Evans, MD
  • Nephrology– Rozlyn M. Berty, MD
  • Neurology – Susan M. Baser, MD
  • Neurological Surgery– Eugene Bonaroti, MD; Michael Oh, MD; Peter J. Jannetta, MD; Donald Whiting, MD; James Wilberger Jr., MD
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology– Ronald L. Thomas, MD; Elizabeth E. Knepp, MD; Fredric V. Price, MD
  • Ophthalmology– Garry P. Condon, MD; Bernard H. Doft, MD; Karl Olsen, MD; Judy C. Liu, MD
  • Orthopaedic Surgery– Stephen F. Conti, MD; Patrick J. DeMeo, MD; Nicholas G. Sotereanos, MD
  • Otolaryngology– James E. Blaugrund, MD; Scott E. Celin, MD; Douglas A. Chen, MD; Steven R. Jones, MD; Phillip A. Pollice, MD; Todd Hillman, MD
  • Pathology– Jan F. Silverman, MD
  • Pediatrics– Stephan Glicken, MD; Gregory M. Hoyson, MD; Paul L. Rowland III, MD, PhD; Jeff Ubinger, MD
  • Pediatric Specialist (Endocrinology) – Deborah Rotenstein, MD
  • Pediatric Specialist (Neonatology)– Robert C. Cicco, MD; Alan Lantzy, MD
  • Pediatric Specialist (Otolaryngology)– J. Christopher Post, MD
  • Pediatric Specialist (Psychiatry)- Michael D. Rancurello, MD
  • Plastic Surgery – Frederick R. Heckler, MD; Michael J. White, MD
  • Psychiatry – H. Jordan Garber, MD; Patton V. Nickell, MD
  • Pulmonary Medicine– Antonios Zikos, DO; Mark Lega, MD
  • Radiation Oncology– Athanasios Colonias, MD; Stephen M. Karlovits, MD; Russell Fuhrer, MD; David Parda, MD; Mark G. Trombetta, MD
  • Radiology– Richard Daffner, MD; Paul M. Kiproff, MD; Robert L. Williams, MD; Melanie Fukui, MD
  • Rheumatology – Susan Manzi, MD
  • Surgery– John Raves, MD
  • Surgical Oncology– Norman Wolmark, MD
  • Thoracic Surgery– Robert J. Keenan, MD; George J. Magovern Jr., MD
  • Urology– Jeffrey K. Cohen, MD; Carlos A. Vivas, MD
  • Vascular Surgery– Dean A. Healy, MD and Daniel Benckart, MD
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