Workshop for entrepreneurial Northside women on May 31


The next W.O.N Learning Marketplace Creativity Hub, geared specifically towards Northside women, will begin at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 31 at Alloy 26, 100 S. Commons.

The hubs are designed to foster and support creativity in a safe space, guide women to achievable goals, and provide shared resources within the community.

The hub on May 31 will be the last in the series and is called “Intentionally Build Your Community.”

W.O.N stands for Women on the Northside, and these hubs cater specifically towards entrepreneurial women from the 18 neighborhoods regardless of if they are just beginning or have been an entrepreneur for years. The event, led by LEVELS Creative Empowerment and Consulting Group aims to engage, create, and transform a woman’s mission while being surrounded by other like women.

To register for the event, click here. Tickets are $5.

W.O.N. is made possible by a One Northside grant and community partnerships with Alloy 26 and Levels Creative Empowerment & Consulting Group.

LEVELS Creative Empowerment and Consulting Group is a tribe of women creative’s who engage in the on the groundwork of inspiring folks to create + engage + transform.  What started off as a dream blew up into a collective tribe of women who provide a myriad of creative consulting services for entrepreneurs, creative’s, community groups and businesses. Email us! It all starts here:

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