Woods Run Library fundraiser in Brightwood


Above: Proceeds from a Taste of Brighton will benefit the Woods Run branch of the Carnegie Library, pictured above. (Photo by Kelsey Shea)

The Friends of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will host the first annual Taste of Brighton, which will feature beer tasting with Penn Brewery to fundraise for Brightwood’s Woods Run Library.

The event will be held Sunday at noon on November 13 outside of Young Brothers Bar several blocks down from the library on Woods Run Avenue.

A large tent and a big screen T.V. will be set up for those who want to watch the Steelers game at 1 p.m. Several local businesses in Brightwood and Brighton Heights will provide food and beer.

The money raised will not be allocated to any specific endeavors at this time. Tickets are $20, which can be purchased at the Woods Run Library and designated driver tickets are also available for $10.

The Friends of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is a nonprofit volunteer organization that raises money for public libraries in order to fund specific programs and promote library services.

“The Friends of Carnegie Library has been existence for quite some time now, and they continue to move forward in promoting the success of our library,” said Mary Beth Parks, manager of the Woods Run branch.

They were inactive for a while, but were reactivated last year. Through their volunteering and fundraising, they have supplemented the budget for the library. They recently raised money for a yoga instructor and a Wii game system for teenagers. They also provide programs for the community and ultimately work towards improving the facility as a whole.

“In spite of the inactive period that Friends of the Library went through, they are moving forward and have made great strides in terms of their organization, dedication, membership and support of the Woods Run Library.”

Manushka Gracia-Desgage is an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh studying English Writing and Legal Studies.



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