Women Writers of Northview Heights poetry reading, June 21


Photo courtesy of City of Asylum

By Donald Mangino

Originating in July 2015 at the Northview Heights Family Support Center, the Women Writers of Northview Heights was created as a vehicle for artistic and poetic expression.

Meeting weekly on Thursday nights, the women of Northview Heights share poetry, prose, photography, and drawings inspired from reflections of their individual experiences and diverse walks of life.

Outside the four walls of their meeting place at the Northview Heights gymnasium, they have vastly different lifestyles: mothers, grandmothers, college students. However, despite their differences, the women have one desire in common: the need for a creative outlet; a conduit to release personal grief, fears, smiles, and laughter.

In December 2015 the women gathered at the Neu Kirche Contemporary Arts Center in East Deutschtown for the group’s debut public reading.

From 6 to 8 p.m. on June 21, the Women Writers of Northview Heights will have their next public reading at the Alphabet City Tent, 318 Sampsonia Way. The event is part of City of Asylum Friends series, which presents events free of charge.

Join the Women Writers of Northview Heights for an evening of honesty and bravery as its members willingly share the products of their creative discretion. For more information regarding the event, visit cityofasylum.org.


City of Asylum and Hudson Rush, leader of Women Writers of Northview Heights, contributed to this article.




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