On Friday, November 3 the annual Wings & Wildlife Art Show Opening Soiree and Benefit Auction was held at The National Aviary. The private event kicked off the Aviary’s Wings & Wildlife Art Show, which ran this past Saturday and Sunday.

The benefit auction raised approximately $55,000 for the National Aviary including 2017 featured artist, Maria DeSimone Prascak’s “Moon Owls” painting which sold for $1,500. In addition to Prascak, the show featured the works of a number of artists including, Laura Palermo, Sarah Cohen, JP Dipoll, Melissa Benzinger McGlynn, Daniel Brown, Jenny Pope, John M. Barbiaux, Johno Prascak and Ashley Cecil.

The proceeds will help aid The National Aviary in continued support of avian education and outreach programs including the Avian Conversation Fund, which helps ensure the survival of endangered birds.




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