Wigle Whiskey heading development for National Whiskey Museum


Photo courtesy of Wigle Whiskey

Wigle Whiskey is kicking off the development of a National Whiskey Museum and Regional Alcohol Emporium with a Kickstarter campaign to get the funding that will back the project.

What the WAM?!

The Whiskey of America Museum will celebrate the forgotten history, hidden science and quirky culture of American Whiskey. Interactive exhibits built by Pittsburgh makers, science, and art organizations will educate visitors through play and adventure.

Regional Beverage Emporium

WAM! will also host a Regional Tasting Room & Bottle Shop which will sell local spirits, beer, ciders, and wine by the glass and/or bottle.

Why Pittsburgh?

Back when Kentucky was just a bun in our nation’s oven, Pittsburgh was producing the country’s whiskey. Rye Whiskey. Half a barrel for every man, woman, and child in America. When it comes to bourbon, the south has a strong hold. But Rye Whiskey is Northern territory, and no one has a claim on Rye like Pittsburgh: the birthplace of American Whiskey and Monongahela Rye.

Pittsburgh’s regional claim on whiskey heritage includes The Whiskey Rebellion, the invention of Shot & A Beer (born as an “imp and iron”), the birth of the Speakeasy, and the vast whiskey-producing landscape that generated the ambition and funds leading to Pittsburgh’s Steel Industry.

Pop Up Location and Highlights:

Wigle has narrowed down potential WAM! Pop Up locations to just a few sites, each in the city of Pittsburgh. The location will be revealed first to those who attend the Pop Up Surprise Party. A successful Pop Up will raise the funds needed for a permanent home for WAM in Pittsburgh in 2018.

WAM! Pop Up exhibit highlights include a Science of Whiskey Production exhibit with a malting robot built by CMU engineers, a DIY fermentation station with a pickling craft, and a confetti gun tar and feather Whiskey Rebellion exhibit.

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