The new and limited edition spirit ‘keeps Pittsburgh lore alive.’

By Destiny Dixon

Photo: Wigle Whiskey

Wigle Whiskey has released a new addition to their alcoholic beverage line in collaboration with Iron City Beer. 

The straight rye whiskey called “Imp-ish” is a limited edition, “bringing back the rich Pittsburgh history of serving a shot of imperial rye with [an] Iron City Beer,” according to a press release. It is made specially in mind for Pittsburgh pubs and eateries with the hopes that they will bring back the classic boilermaker tradition that started back in an age when bartenders took orders for “Imp ‘n’ Irons” by local millworkers. 

Wigle Distiller Michael Foglia encourages local bar goers to “keep Pittsburgh lore alive” with Imp-ish whiskey and Iron City beer. 
Imp-ish whiskey is available for preorder with pickup at the Wigle Whiskey Distillery or Bottle Shop at Ross Park Mall. Visit for more information.

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