Warhol and Cars


3_andy_warhol_female_fashion_figure_1950sFeb. 5 – May 13, 2012: Warhol and Cars: American Icons

A new exhibition at the Warhol Museum will examine Andy Warhol’s fascination with automotive vehicles. The exhibition will feature more than 40 photographs, drawings, paintings and archival materials spanning from 1946 to 1986. A highlight of the exhibition will be a painting done by Warhol of a BMW M-1 racing car, on display in the entrance gallery. The show will also feature a film of Warhol painting a BMW done in 1979, among other works.

The exhibition was organized by the Montclair Art Museum in New Jersey and traces the development of Warhol’s work with cars throughout his career. The majority of the work in the exhibition is from the Andy Warhol Museum’s collection. An exhibition catalogue published by the Montclair Art Museum, Warhol and Cars: American Icons, will be available at the Warhol Store. The book, written by Gail Stavitsky, MAM chief curator, is the first to focus on Warhol’s car-themed work throughout his career.

-Sarah Reagle

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