In 87 degree heat, there were plenty of hot dogs.

By: Sarah Gross

The 2018 Northside Pet Walk was the first annual dog walking event held by Wagsburgh, a pet supply store located on East Ohio Street. It occurred at 10:00 a.m. on June 30, after being postponed for a week due to bad weather. The walk began with some quick sales and pictures with the shop’s new mascot, Wags. Over 15 dogs were in attendance: the youngest was a four-month old puppy.

At 10:36 a.m., the crowd began its walk to the Kaffeehaus Cafe to celebrate its one-year anniversary, where the rest of the festivities took place. A tour of nearby shops was cancelled due to 87 degree heat. Once the group arrived at Kaffeehaus, there were more pictures of dogs with Wags, lots of water, ice cream for the pooches, and hot dogs for the humans.

The event was a chance for Wagsburgh to spread information about another organization, Joey’s Prosthetics and Wheels (PAW), the recipient of a $280 donation from Wagsburgh. The president and founder of Joey’s PAW, Tanya Diable attended the walk, along with her rescue dog, Boone.

Diable started Joey’s PAW in 2017. It was inspired by a rescue dog named Joey, whom she owned with her husband. Joey lost both of his rear legs in a case of animal cruelty.

Over the past year, the organization has given 50 carts and two prosthetics to dogs in need.

One highlight of this year’s Northside Pet Walk was the swimsuit contest. There were four fierce four-legged contenders, but the prize ultimately went to Macy Gray, a chihuahua complete with a wig, glasses, and a pink bikini. A golden retriever called Bikini Bill was a close second.

Neither Macy Gray nor Bikini Bill could be reached for comment.


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