Last month, The Northside Chronicle polled readers to nominate their favorite neighborhood businesses. Now it’s time to vote.

As the third annual Northside Small Business Saturday approaches, online subscribers of The Northside Chronicle were asked to nominate their favorite Northside Small Business in seventeen (17) categories. To become an online subscriber and be the first to know the results of this year’s poll, sign up here.

To view the Best of Northside Small Business nominees and cast your vote in this year’s Readers Choice Awards, use the online form below:

To obtain a physical form, pick up a November copy of The Northside Chronicle at any of our distributor locations.

Voting ends on November 26, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. and results will be published in December’s newspaper followed by online.

The Northside Chronicle’s Readers Choice Awards were launched in 2017 with only ten (10) categories and published the top three (3) winners in December 2017 newspaper edition.

Readers Choice Awards of 2017 below:

Best Specialty Retail Store
#1 Wagsburgh
#2 TIED Bear Dog Bicycles & Tom Friday’s Market
#3 BreadWorks

Best Health / Fitness Business
#1 California Cycle Path
#2 Steel City Boxing
#3 Northside Yoga

Best Weekday Breakfast Spot
#1 Kaffeehaus
#2 Priory Fine Pastries
#3 Allegheny Sandwich Shop

Best Weekend Brunch Spot
#1 Modern Cafe
#2 Scratch Food & Beverage
#3 The Foundry Table & Tap

Best Lunch Spot
#1 Nicky’s Thai Kitchen
#2 Max’s Allegheny Tavern
#3 Peppi’s

Best Dinner Spot
#1 Nicky’s Thai Kitchen
#2 Max’s Allegheny Tavern
#3 Monterey Pub

Best Craft Drink Spot
#1 Allegheny City Brewing
#2 TIED Penn Brewery & Wigle Whiskey Barrel House
#3 Bier’s Pub featuring War Streets Taproom

Best Bar for Good Drinks, Good Food, and Good People
#1 Allegheny City Brewing
#2 Penn Brewery
#3 Monterey Pub

Best Pizza Spot
#1 Giorgio’s Pizza
#2 Cerasoli Pizzeria
#3 Frank’s Pizza & Chicken

Best Cultural Attraction
#1 Randyland
#2 National Aviary
#3 Carnegie Science Center



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