Vagabond brings vintage treasures to Northside


Photo by Justin Criado

Toll Gate Revival, an antique and oddities business owned by Seth Hunter, features monthly open houses in its California-Kirkbride storage space.

By Justin Criado

Seth Hunter is a self-described vagabond.

To many, that may be an insult, let alone a proud self-claim, but as owner of Toll Gate Revival, Hunter loves being able to travel the East Coast in search of rustic treasures.

“I’m just always on the go, non-stop, but I love it, though, it’s fun,” Hunter, 30, said. “I stay within the Tri-State area, but I’ll travel up the East Coast. I make some trips to New York City and New England.”

Toll Gate Revival is an antique and oddities business, which specializes in vintage Americana pieces like petroliana and farming equipment, even taxidermy.

Hunter grew up on a farm in Washington County where there are still a lot of old barns and properties that feature items that are now considered collectible, and as a collector himself, Hunter decided to get in to the antique dealing business full-time less than a year ago before securing a storage space in California-Kirkbride that  he uses as a showroom for monthly open houses.

“It’s pretty random,” Hunter said of his ever-growing inventory. “Every day is different. I’ve always had an interest in old stuff.”

In a business as unpredictable as antiques, Hunter relies on a network of collectors he managed to build through traveling around the region, and social media to promote new items and events. He also sets appointments for showings.

“I only advertise through social media and Craigslist, and we get a pretty good turnout. We get up to 100 people come through a day,” Hunter said of his monthly open houses.

Hunter explained that his clientele is primarily younger couples or professionals that are looking to decorate their home, and his items reflect that general sentiment, even though interests vary.

“There are people that are in to the taxidermy. There are people that are in to the petroliana like the really old signs,” Hunter said. “Everybody has a little different taste. I buy stuff that I like. I’m more drawn to industrial and rustic pieces. Anything that catches my eye really.”

For more information about Toll Gate Revival visit the official website.

DSC_9635Photo by Justin Criado

Seth Hunter sits on his favorite item in his Toll Gate Revival shop, a vintage Chesterfield sofa.

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