A draft of the 2020 Allocation Plan created for the City of Pittsburgh’s Housing Opportunity Fund (HOF) is now available online for public comment.

By Ashlee Green

Photo by Mark Moz via Creative Commons

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA) is now taking public comment on a draft of the Housing Opportunity Fund’s (HOF) 2020 Allocation Plan. The draft details six affordable housing initiatives the $10 million plans to cover. In order of total funding, they are: building or renovating affordable rental units, helping homeowners conduct repairs, assisting renters who face eviction, making it easier for people to buy a home, administration, homebuying assistance, and building or rehabilitating affordable homes on the market.

HOF was created back in December of 2017 by Pittsburgh’s City Council to address community housing needs throughout the city. Providing $10 million per year for 12 years, HOF is supervised by a 17-member advisory board named by City Council in June 2018; The URA acts as HOF’s Governing Board.

The 2020 Allocation Plan draft was approved by the HOF Advisory Board and will be finalized in Jan. 2020. It will then go to the URA board. Public comment is welcome on the draft through Jan. 3.

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