Two-phase construction on Allegheny Circle roadways begins Sept. 12, 2017.


Starting Tuesday, September 12 the four-lane roundabout surrounding Nova Place (formerly Allegheny Center) will begin construction of a two-way bicycle track. The track is part of the first phase of construction on the roadway which aims to create safer and friendlier navigation routes for pedestrians, bikers, and motorists.

The project is a joint collaboration between City of Pittsburgh Departments of Mobility and Infrastructure, Pittsburgh Public Works, and The Buhl Foundation. The initial $80,000 phase will be completed by September 22.
“The failed design of Allegheny Circle as a four-lane, high-speed ring road has needed improvements like this for decades. This redesign will further enhance the ongoing transformation of Allegheny Center into a hub for 21st Century infrastructure and development in the Northside,” said Mayor Bill Peduto in a press release earlier today.


Installation of the two-way bicycle track will be in the interior of the roundabout. All parking (currently on the interior lanes) will be moved to the exterior portions of the roadway. As expected temporary “No Parking” signs will be positioned throughout portions of the construction phase. No permanent closures are to be expected, but affected areas outside of Allegheny Circle include East Ohio Street from East Commons to Cedar Avenue; Federal Street from North Commons to North Avenue; West Ohio Street/Ridge Road from Merchant Street to West Commons.

Since the construction of Allegheny Circle local residents and motorists have cited a number concerns over traffic patterns and isolated roadways and pathways. With the aid of a SMART transportation grant, the goal is to create more agreeable routes for pedestrians, motorists, and bikers which will allow greater accessibility to Northside businesses, residences, and neighborhoods than in past years. The project is expected to be completed in 2018. A number of public meetings with officials, community leaders, and civic groups will be held throughout the course of construction.

“This has been a dream of Northsiders for decades,” Buhl Foundation president, Diana Bucco said. “The partnership between the city [of Pittsburgh], One Northside, the Northside Leadership Conference and a host of community folks to bring this dream to reality is just another indication that the Northside is on the rise.”

In addition to the Buhl Foundation, Pittsburgh Public Works and Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure Pennsylvania this project is also being funded and supported by the Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, Faros Properties, One Northside and the NSLC.


All photos courtesy of National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO).

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