Troy Hill WWI monument struck


Photo courtesy of Holly Coleman
The monument is located at the intersection of Ley and Lowrie streets in Troy Hill.

By Alyse Horn

On Friday, January 17 a motorist slid and crashed into the World War I monument in Troy Hill.

The monument broke into several different bits, but is in the process of being repaired and returned to its resting place at Lowrie and Ley streets.

Matt Stidle, chairman of the Troy Hill Citizens board, said the location issue of the monument is troublesome, but “its one-of-a-kind location is another of those quirks that make Troy Hill unique.”

“In my understanding, the City has determined that it is best to keep it where it is for now, [and] raised to prevent further damage,” Stidle said. “I respect that decision.”

This is the second time the monument has been hit.
In February 2010, a drunk driver in a minivan hit the monument, knocking it 10 feet off its base.

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