Have some extra plants? Swap them!


The second annual Troy Hill Plant Swap in 2009 attracted around 25 people. This year’s will be held May 1 in Citizens Park. (Photo courtesy Troy Hill Citizens)

On May 1, Troy Hill will host its third annual plant swap in Citizens Park between Claim and Lagar streets.

Anyone can attend, even those not from Troy Hill. Participants should bring a plant, bulbs, seeds tools or anything plant or garden-related to swap with their neighbors, Troy Hill Citizens Council President Nicole Moga said.

“We’re also asking for a plant donation for the flower bed,” Moga said. “We have to try to keep it as low maintenance as possible … [so no plants] that need a lot of watering or pruning.”

The park’s flower beds are full sun, so perennial grasses and flowers or herbs would do well there.

The swap items will be categorized by tools, perennials, annuals or other and then further categorized into plants that need full shade, partial shade or full sun. The plants will be redistributed by round.

“If you brought five plants you go through five rounds of taking,” Moga said, although each person can only take one plant or item per round.

The swap starts at 11 a.m. and goes until 1 p.m., with a potluck lunch around noon. Those who wish to eat lunch should bring a food item to share. Last year about 25 came to the event.

“It’s a community-building, neighbor-meeting kind of event,” she said. “I met a lot of my neighbors last year at the plant swap.”

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