Tree pruning in Brightwood this Saturday


Photos courtesy of Beth Hutton
Volunteers from Brightwoods Tree Care Day that happened this past fall.

By Alyse Horn

Brightwood Civic Group and Tree Pittsburgh will be pruning trees from 10 a.m. until noon this Saturday.

Volunteers will meet at Café and Creamery, 2700 Shadeland Ave., before heading out to prune trees.

Ed Bryant, tree tender and BCG volunteer, said “Tree Pittsburgh coordinated the event and their staff will be on hand to guide the event and instruct the volunteers.”

Bryant said the trees that will be pruned are those that have been planted along Woodland Avenue and Shadeland Avenue over the past five years.

To participate in the event, volunteers must complete a Tree Tenders course that is taught by Tree Pittsburgh. Bryant said BCG is interested in getting additional tree tenders from other Northside neighborhoods to help on Saturday, if available.

Tree Pittsburgh’s event page for Saturday’s pruning workshop said that important lessons will be covered, such as “evaluating a trees natural form and enhancing it through pruning, determining the proper cuts using the three D’s: dead, damaged and diseased, and making the cut: removing branches safely while doing the least possible hard to the tree.

For more information on the workshop click here. To register for the event visit click here.


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