The Northside Chronicle Channel: Patrick Duffey of Troy Hill Citizens, Artist Brian Gonnella


In association with Pittsburgh’s public-access TV station PCTV21, The Northside Chronicle Channel is a YouTube series highlighting local small businesses, nonprofits, and personalities on the Northside.

In this episode, Managing Editor Ashlee Green interviews Patrick Duffey, chair of Troy Hill Citizens, and Pittsburgh-based artist and muralist Brian Gonnella in front of the “Everyone belongs in Troy Hill” at Scratch Food & Beverage. Duffey talks about the Go Fund Me campaign he started for the mural and what to look forward to in Troy Hill this fall. Gonnella delves into his inspiration and art process for the mural and the community’s reception to it.

The Northside Chronicle Channel is produced by PCTV21. See a full listing of shows via Northside Chronicle’s YouTube playlist.

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