The Northside Chronicle Channel: Joanna Deming


In association with PCTV21, The Northside Chronicle Channel is a YouTube series highlighting local small businesses, nonprofits and personalities on the Northside.

In this episode, Northside Chronicle Managing Editor, Ashlee Green chats with Joanna Deming, executive director of the Fineview & Perry Hilltop Citizens Councils and member of the advisory board for the City of Pittsburgh’s Housing Opportunity Fund.

The Pittsburgh City Council established the Housing Opportunity Fund in December 2017, committing $10 million per year for 12 years towards community housing needs. Deming talks about where the Fund stands now, as well as the collaborative work going on between the Perry Hilltop Citizens Council and the Fineview Citizens Council.

The Northside Chronicle Channel is produced by PCTV21. See a full listing of shows via Northside Chronicle’s YouTube playlist.

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