The Healing Space with Ayeshah A. Bulls: Reconciliation


ayeshahabullsThis article is for a particular or specific kind of person.

The person that has not always made the “right” choices or decisions.  The person that hasn’t had a smooth journey.

The person that is constantly and consistently being judged based on what they did or didn’t do “properly” or the way in which others feel they “should” have.

The person that looks in the mirror each day and does not see hope or a future, but that sees what “was” or what “should” be.

The person that has had others tell them what they will not or cannot be because of their past.  The person that continues to beat themselves up each day due to their failures, mistakes, or flaws.

If you are that person, I am talking to you today.

So, you folks that feel you have it all together, have never done anything wrong, have not dealt with issues of guilt and shame, have nothing to apologize or seek forgiveness for; you may read this article to gain understanding and compassion.

But I am writing to a specific person who is in need of love, support, encouragement and forgiveness in order to press forward – in order to reconcile some things in their life.

First, every experience and interaction in your life thus far has purpose in where you are going.  Life is a school; an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, others and how the world works.

Therefore, the more you have been through, the more you have faced, the more you have experienced, is the more you have learned.

Due to your bad or good experiences, your positive or negative choices and decisions, your failures and triumphs, joys and sadness’s, celebrations and mourning’s have all contributed to your knowledge and understanding which lead to wisdom.

You officially have something to share, to teach, or to offer to someone else.  You are not worthless, you are valuable.

You have information and resources in your being that can heal, free or deliver someone else that is or has been where you were, because guess what?  You survived it.  You went through it.  Which means you came out of it.

Don’t hide, don’t be afraid, and don’t be ashamed.  Share, teach and offer yourself and your experiences to another that may be struggling to get through a tough patch in their life.

We are all in this together. It is believed spiritually, psychologically, philosophically and even mystically that if one hurts, we all hurt.

Therefore, we must do or offer what we can to another to assist them in their healing.  Do not allow your past to hinder you but allow it to motivate you to press forward.

Second, no one and I mean no one is perfect.  That in itself should offer you some peace within so that you don’t have some unreasonable expectation of yourself.

What you should strive for is to be the best “you” that “you” can be.  Don’t compromise or lower your expectations for yourself based on your past.

Now go ahead acknowledge that you may have had some roadblocks, obstacles, barriers, injustices, pains and disappointments that someone else may not have had. But do not allow them to be an excuse not to reach higher or strive to become better.

So you, yes you.  Mr. or Mrs. Imperfect.

You may have not always done things the way they “should” have but it is not over for you, it is not too late.

Make today a new day.  Look in the mirror and see a new you.  A you that is strong, smart, resourceful, resilient and valuable.  Once you change the way you see yourself, others will see you different also.

Reconcile yourself.


Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein

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