The Healing Space with Ayeshah A. Bulls: Now is the time


ayeshahabullsHi Beautiful People!  As we enter into this autumn season I have one question – How are you doing?

Autumn is a very special time of the year as it represents transition.  Transition from what is, to what needs to die in the winter, to new growth in the spring.

What things do you have in your life in this season that you need to let go, let die this winter in order for new growth in the Spring?  Now is the time to reflect on this as we enter the fall season.  Time to let some leaves fall…..

We all have “things” in our spirit, mind and body that negatively impact our ability to live our best lives.

Now is the time to do a diagnostic check of ourselves to see what is working and what is not working.  Every year we have to have our vehicles inspected for this purpose, why not do it for ourselves?  Get our sticker that says you are good for the next year!

Now is the time to do a spiritual, mental and physical assessment of our lives to see what is working and what is not working. Are you in touch with your spirit and all of the important messages it may be sending to you?

If not, you may need to make a conscious effort to surround yourself in environments and relationships that give attention to your spirit; for your spirit/soul provides the energy/fuel that motivates your thinking and behaviors.  Check your spiritual energy.

How are you mentally?  Do you find that your thinking is dominated with more negative thoughts than positive ones?  Now is the time to examine what is influencing your thinking; unhealthy dialogues or conversations; inappropriate music, distorted movies and T.V. shows.

All of these things plant seeds in your mind that can disconnect you from reality into a world of confusion and stress.  Check your mental influences.

Last but definitely not least, how are you physically?  How is your body doing?  How are you feeling?

Our wonderful, intricately made bodies are our main indicators that something is off.  Are you more tired than usual?

You are possibly eating more foods that deplete you of energy versus providing energy or that we can use a little more exercise.  Being consistently tired could also be an indicator of depression or stress.

Our physical bodies can tell us when something is off mentally and spiritually.  Therefore, giving attention to our bodies is vital to all aspects of our existence.  Are you seeing all the connections?  Schedule a physical today.  Now is the time to give attention to your body.

Our beings are one – spirit, mind, and body.

Now is the time for me to encourage everyone to perform a self diagnostic check this autumn season, so that we can assure that we are letting the right leaves to fall and keeping the ones that are best for us.

Winter is dead; spring is crazy; summer is cheerful and autumn is wise!

 ~Mehmet Murat ildan

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