Owner Josh Cozby wants his shop to act as a community hub and be a place for young people to learn about music.

Story and Photos By Sophia Mastroianni

From the soft country sounds of Dolly Parton to those of jazz pianist Duke Ellington and Nigerian multi-instrumentalist Fela Kuti, The Government Center record shop, which opens today on East Ohio Street in Historic Deutschtown, has it all.

Growing up, Owner Josh Cozby had musical tastes including The Smiths, The Replacements and Jonathan Richman. Cozby even named his store The Government Center after a song written by Richman and his band, The Modern Lovers.

“That is someone that I loved when I was fifteen and still love,” he said. “That’s somebody that still brings me to tears.”

Cozby’s record shop houses a multiplicity of vinyl sounds. After transitioning out of his position as a high school teacher and employee with a Boys & Girls Club, Cozby now hopes his record store can be a center to give back to the community where young people can learn about music.  

“As a teenager, music was a big part of my life,” Cozby said. “I’m hoping that this place can also be a community hub.”

The Government Center is located at 519 E. Ohio Street. For more information, visit The Government Center’s Facebook page.

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