The Chronicle’s perspective and purpose


logored_smallYou may notice that The Chronicle did not cover the shootout and subsequent arrests that occurred yesterday on Brighton Road. We wanted to take a moment and explain our choice to not publish photos or news updates on that unfortunate event and remind our readers of our purpose here on the Northside.

The Chronicle prides itself on delivering local, positive, introspective news to the 18 communities that make up the Northside. This is not to say that we don’t acknowledge the other happenings on the Northside; we do, but we choose to focus on the events, people and places that are building our neighborhoods, not tearing them down.

We feel that since many will turn to other resources for breaking news, The Chronicle does not need to rehash particular negative events to our readers.

We are committed to delivering the most up-to-date, hyper-local news of the Northside and welcome any comments, suggestions or story ideas you may have.


Emily Leone, managing editor

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