Tango tonight in Buhl Park


aquitango2Pittsburgh tango band AquiTango’s name is Spanish for “dance now,” which is exactly what they hope will happen tonight in Buhl Community Park in Allegheny Center.

As part of the Allegheny City Society’s Summer Evening Music Series, AquiTango will perform at the new park near The Children’s Museum

AquiTango is a Pittsburgh-based tango band, but its founders are from Argentina and Mexico.

The band’s accordionist, vocalist and co-founder   Ernesto Contenti spoke to The Northside Chronicle this morning about tango music and what Northsiders can expect from their performance tonight.

Can you describe what kind of tango music you play?

We do traditional Argentinian tango… There’s modern tango which has a fusion of jazz in it, like [‘50s and ‘60s Argentinian tango musician Astor] Piazolla. His music was actually controversial in Argentina for many years because people said he was playing jazz with a tango twist, but today both are highly appreciated and equally acceptable.

We do ‘old-style’ or traditional tango. Dancers actually prefer the beat of traditional tango, more so than modern.

So do you expect people to be dancing in the park tonight?

We hope so! We invited some dancers. Unfortunately their class is at the same time as the performance, but we asked if they’d move the class to the park, and they’re considering it. But yes, we do expect to attract some tango dancers.

What’s the tango music scene like in Pittsburgh?

It’s not as big as we’d like it to be. It’s numerous, but nothing to write home about, though it does draw people from Youngstown, Cleveland and even Buffalo New York.

AquiTango’s free performance will start at 7 p.m. at Buhl Community Park.

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