Summer Youth Guide: NSHIP joins NS forces for wellness of the neighborhoods


NSHIP logoby Laura Smith, AGH Partnership coordinator

The Northside Health Improvement Partnership (NSHIP) is proud to support the 2013 Summer Youth Guide.

The guide began in 2008 as an initiative of NSHIP and was designed to give the Northside community more information about safe and healthy activities for children during the summer.

Six years later NSHIP is delighted this important guide has found an annual home in the March edition of the Northside Chronicle. Through the Chronicle, it continues to provide valuable information for ways to keep kids active throughout the summer and engaged in meaningful activities.

NSHIP is a coalition of local organizations dedicated to improving the health of all Northside residents. In 2000, Allegheny General Hospital (AGH) and the Northside Leadership Conference (NSLC) worked together to make NSHIP a designated State Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP). More than 10 years later, NSHIP’s membership has swelled to more than 20 Pittsburgh organizations who are dedicated to making the Northside a strong, healthy community.

The coalition achieves this goal by actively working to create engaging health and wellness programming for all Northside residents.

At the beginning of 2012 NSHIP distributed 6,000 surveys across the Northside. These surveys were designed to assess the health needs of the Northside, and asked questions like how often residents exercise weekly and where residents receive information about staying healthy.

Most importantly, the survey asked Northside residents what types of future programming would be most valued.

NSHIP members have since been reviewing the survey results. Using these results, NSHIP will create new programming for the Northside, designed to directly meet residents’ needs and requests.

Debra Caplan, Senior Vice President at Allegheny General Hospital describes the process as, “another way in which Allegheny General Hospital, the Northside Leadership and committed stakeholders continue to assess community health needs and design focused programming to benefit the Northside Community.”

She adds that “the hospital’s strong 23-year partnership with the Northside community through the Northside Leadership Conference continues to promote and enhance the vitality and quality of life for Northside residents.”

NSHIP plans on presenting its new programming by the summer of 2013. Like the Summer Youth Guide, the coalition hopes these new programs will find a sustainable home in the Northside community.

On behalf of NSHIP, we hope Northside residents enjoy the 2013 Summer Youth Guide and will join us this year for new healthy, fun and informative activities!

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