Free Newspaper Boxes

Free monthly newspapers for pick-up at our newspaper boxes and select small businesses during the “stay at home” order during Coronavirus pandemic

Our two person team hand delivers 8,000 newspapers to over 200 locations each month. Due to the health concerns surrounding the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, many of our small business distributors are temporarily closed. During this time, we sanitized and adequately stocked our seven newspaper boxes, locations below, and the essential small businesses that remain open to serve the Northside community.

We ask our readers to practice the necessary safety measures with us by washing their hands and/or wearing clean gloves at the newspaper boxes and especially if you are at an essential small business picking up an order. Help protect our small business community, and our neighbors, by keeping a safe distance from others when accessing the newspaper box or entering an essential place of business. Please give the essential business you’re picking-up orders and ask in advance if they have copies of The Northside Chronicle to add to your order and reduce cross-contamination.

Below are the locations of the six newspaper boxes on the Northside. Please take the top newspaper. Do not grab from the middle. Wash your hands and/or wear clean gloves to access the door. Is the newspaper box empty? Text 412-339-0712 the neighborhood the box is located for a request to refill.

northside chronicle newspaper box at north and cedar avenues

Newspaper box at the corner of North and Cedar Avenues across from Allegheny General Hospital in Historic Deutschtown.

the northside chronicle newspaper box at randyland

Newspaper box in front of Randyland at the corner of Arch and Jacksonia Streets in the Mexican War Streets of Central Northside.

Newspaper box across from the Pirate’s PNC Park on the corner of Federal and Isabella Streets (in front of First National Bank’s office headquarters) on the North Shore.

Newspaper box at the corner of Western and Allegheny Avenues, steps from Lindo’s Restaurant in Allegheny West.

Newspaper box in front of Manchester Elementary School at the corner of Manhattan and Juniata Streets.

Newspaper box in front of State Representative Adam Ravenstahl’s office, and a block away from Tom Friday’s Market, at the corner of California Avenue and Brighton Heights Boulevard.

Newspaper box in front of Perry Traditional Academy at the corner of Perrysville Avenue and Baytree Street in Observatory Hill.