The Mind of a Chef by Steven Hughes


Steven Hughes graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Pittsburgh in 1994, and has worked with many types of cuisines in chef positions across the country. He has also worked as the culinary director for the "Mind of a Chef" cooking school at In the Kitchen, located in the Strip District. 

He has worked under Chef Koughenhour of the Duquesne Club, and has traveled the country studying regional cuisine while working in various hotels, restaurants, clubs, resorts and spas. He has written restaurant reviews for and shared recipes with The Chronicle since March 2010.

-January 2010: Andrew’s Steak & Seafood, Rivers Casino

-November 2010: AVI serves more than vending machine food at CCAC

-October 2010: DIY hors d’oeuvres

-August 2010: German grub with a side of class at the Penn Brewery

-June 2010: Chef Hughes samples the goodies of Pirates tailgaters

-May 2010: Take a chance on asparagus, apricots and fennel this summer

-April 2010: The Wheelhouse is Pittsburgh’s new sports bar to beat

-March 2010: Monterey Pub has living room atmosphere and ‘gastronomique’ dishes

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