The money will fund the initial design phase of the project.

By Ashlee Green

Sen. Wayne Fontana awarded $200,000 in funding, provided through the Gaming Economic Development Fund, to the Davis Avenue Pedestrian Bridge project in Pittsburgh’s Northside. The money, awarded in November, will fund the initial design phase of the project, which will cost an estimated $2 million overall.

“I’m happy to join with the City and the URA to help with the community priority, which was the rehab of the Davis Bridge. It’s an important link between communities there. We’d like to see it rebuilt and I’m sure it’ll be an asset to the community once it’s finished,” said Sen. Fontana in a phone interview with The Northside Chronicle.

Fontana said he got on board with the project after the Northside Leadership Conference and other community members came to him, advocating for its prioritization. “Obviously, it’s not the complete amount that’s needed, but I’m confident that the URA, the City, the community will find other sources to make sure that the project gets completed.”

State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl also voiced his support for the project: “It is critical that residents have the ability to access and enjoy our beautiful parks. This funding brings us a step closer to making this project a reality for our neighbors in Brighton Heights.”

The Davis Avenue Bridge, originally built in 1898 and 1899, was torn down in 2009 after it was inspected and found to be at risk of collapsing. Once rebuilt, it will reconnect the Northside neighborhood of Brighton Heights to Riverview Park.

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