Scoobi, a Pittsburgh based rideshare company, launched their fleet of 100 cost-effective and eco-friendly electric scooters for rent in areas of the city on Saturday, July 21.

Concentrated in Downtown and the East End with parking areas in designated “blue zones” across the North Shore and South Side, Scoobi is one of the most environmentally clean transportation services in Pittsburgh.

Scooters can be rented through the company’s mobile app for five dollars for the first 20 minutes and 20 cents per minute after. 

Riders must download the app to locate the nearest available scooters and parking hubs. The app also allows users to locate available scooters across the city, as well as monitor battery life, miles driven and carbon footprint impact. Each scooter can reach a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour and gets around 34 miles per battery charge. Charging stations are available in parking garages around the city. Each scooter is equipped with a lockable trunk containing two different sized helmets and charging ports for both iPhone and Android devices.

According to the company, a Scoobi gets around 600 miles per gallon compared to gas alternatives. This will help move the city one step closer to its goal of a 50 percent transportation emission reduction included in its Climate Action Plan.

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