Local artist uses dog-assisted photography to support medical condition


One of artist Sarah Higgins’s photos taken from her dog Abbot’s perspective.

In an effort to raise money for an artist’s vital medical expenses, Buena Vista Coffee will be hosting an unusual photography exhibition by Northside photographer Sarah Higgins this Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m.

Higgins has recently become ill with Interstitial Cystitis, a chronic inflammation of the bladder wall, and has organized a fundraiser to display and sell her photographic prints of the Northside.

The exhibition will feature random images taken of the Mexican War Streets area from a camera strapped to the collar of her dog, Abbot, who wandered into Higgins’s life approximately one year ago.

Her love for photography and dog parks of the Northside collided when she decided to purchase a camera for her new companion.

“I love shooting from different perspectives,” said Higgins, “and Abbot produces some amazing images that would be very difficult to capture.”

Higgins is known around the community as an innovative artist in various media, as well as an established photographer with an interest on dance and landscape photography.

Brent Boss, co-owner of Buena Vista, commented on Higgins remarkable images when telling of the day that she approached him with the album of photographs taken by her dog, which her friend likes to call “abbotstracts.”

“They were excellent photos,” Boss raved, “and when I found out that they were taken by a dog, it made them all the more fun.”

Boss met Higgins because of her frequent visits, with Abbot in tow, to the coffee shops.

“She knows a lot of people around the neighborhood, and she got the word out real well, so I think it will be a good turn out,” Boss said.

Spending the last two days in the hospital, and searching for affordable medical insurance, Higgins is pressed for time but working hard to promote her work.

Although she faces adversity, her companion is providing her with a source of comfort, and perhaps even a source of income.

"He takes my mind away from all the pain," said Higgins when telling of how grateful she is to have found Abbot.

Aside from the many images of dogs’ behinds, Abbot has captured some amazing photographs of Northside parks that are a blend of abstract and landscape images, and Higgins is excited to show off her work this Thursday.

Left: A photo taken by Sarah Higgins’s dog, Abbot.

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