Sarah Heinz House 1st Annual Brew Fest for N.E.S.T.



By Alyse Horn

Saturday, May 3 will mark the Sarah Heinz House First Annual Brew Fest for N.E.S.T., with proceeds from the event going to fund various science and engineering programs through the nonprofit.

N.E.S.T. stands for Nurturing Engineering and Science Technology, and it “promotes, instructs, provides and delivers engineering, science and technology services to communities focused on youth education and community development,” according to a press release.

Bob Bechtold, the director of outreach and corporate partnerships at Sarah Heinz House, said this fundraiser will cover the cost of providing engineering, science and technology training and certifications to Northside high school aged residents.

Bechtold said Sarah Heinz House is working with engineer Gary Jackson, who wanted to “bring in new technology programs” for the kids “with little or no cost to them.”

“[We] sat down and talked to students about the program, and thought maybe we’d get 10 kids,” Jackson said. “Now it looks like we [see an interest from] about 50 kids from a wide range of different areas.”

Jackson said now that he has acquired the venue to hold the programs and the students; the only thing missing is the funding to get the ball rolling. The proceeds raised from the event will be given the Sarah Heinz House and distributed to the N.E.S.T. programs as needed.

“I look forward to working with the students and enriching their interests and their lives,” Jackson said. “This could lead to kids getting good summer jobs, or even getting jobs when they graduate from high school.”

Tickets are $30, which includes a complementary beer tasking and hors d’oeuvre. There is also a Chili Cook-Off in the making that will award $150 cash prize with a $50 entry fee to the best chili.

Beer was donated from Penn Brewery, Church Brew Works, Four Seasons Brewing Company and Rivertowne Brewing.

With this event, Jackson said that George Fyke of Rivertowne Brewing helped Sarah Heinz House become involved in Craft Brew Week, which runs until May 4.

“We are especially excited that Penn Brewery, Church Brew Works and Four Seasons Brewing has joined Rivertowne to make our event one of the most special events of the Craft Brew Week,” Jackson said.

To RSVP click here or to register visit the Sarah Heinz House website.

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