Musician returns for Deutschtown Music Fest


Photo courtesy of Samantha Sears

By Alyse Horn

Samantha Sears will be performing Friday, July 8 at 9:30 p.m. at James Street Gastropub, 422 Foreland St. This is her second year performing at the Deutschtown Music Festival. Find out what she loves most out DMF and her advice for those attending for the first time.

Q: When did you start performing?
A: I’ve always sang, my mom says that I was singing before I could talk!
Q: What style music do you play?
A: Eclectic Acoustic Rock
Q: This is your second year playing at DMF, how was last year and why did you decide to come back and perform?

A: Last year was a ton of fun and I was impressed by the festival and I was hoping for the opportunity to do it again!

Q: What’s your favorite part about the festival?
A: I love that they keep it free. I know that not every festival can be that and there are some awesome ones that are close to my heart; but the amazing amount of coordination and cooperation that goes into keeping it as such – even though it grows exponentially each year – is admirable.

Q: Anything that you think attendees should know if it’s their first DMF?
A: Bring a ton of energy with you because it is huge and worthy of experiencing everything but there is a lot to experience for one day, which I guess is why they now made it two days this year!

Samantha is a full time musician who performs “a variety of different gigs, from weddings to yoga classes to memorial services to parties and everything in between.” She writes her own songs as well as performing cover songs, and she accompanies her voice on acoustic guitar or ukulele. To find out more, click here.





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