Safety tips from Brightwood Public Safety Committee


Brightwood Public Safety Committee wants to remind Northsider’s to stay safe this winter season with the following tips and links:

Power Outage Preparation

Dangerous Cold- 10 things to know

Winter Driving

Simple, necessary items to keep on hand:

• Personal items (hygiene items, medication etc)

• Water

• Flashlight and extra batteries

• Hand powered radio(wind up)

• Extra clothing(include several pair of socks, if your feet are cold your entire body will be also) 40% of body heat is lost through your head (wear a hat)

• Blankets

• Money (Cash)

• Cell Phone(with backup power if available)

• Extra set of vehicle keys

• Healthy snacks(Hint: Snickers bars, unsalted crackers, hard tack candies)

Place these items in your home in a very convenient spot like at the front or back door for easy accessibility.

Remember to bring pets inside during freezing temperatures (32 degrees or below) and be wary of walking dogs where “ice melt or salt” is used – this can burn their feet if it is not pet safe.

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