New Homeownership Program a collaborative effort between Rivers Casino and NeighborWorks offers team members two workshops on homebuying education

By: NSC Staff

Earlier this month, Rivers Casino launched a new Homeownership Program that allows their team members access to two free workshops and an opportunity to qualify for $2,000 assistance toward their closing costs on a new home.

“We’re excited to offer this benefit to team members,” said the director of community relations, Dr. Rahmon Hart. “It encourages team members to buy homes on the Northside”

According to Hart, the program was created after discussions between Rivers Casino, NeighborWorks and the Northside Leadership Conference. The Homeownership Program is open to all casino employees and requires them to participate in two workshops that will be instructed by NeighborWorks personnel.

“Buying a new home is a very important process and we’re glad we can provide the information, education and financial assistance to make their goal of a new home a reality,” general manager Craig Clark said in a press release.

After completion of the financial education and homebuyer education workshops, participants will then be able to apply for monetary assistance. The $2,000 cap will be attributed to any home purchase within any of the Northside’s 18 neighborhoods.

“[I’m] proud our company is making this type of investment in the Northside,” said Hart.

While classes for this year are already finished, Hart acknowledged that the casino has workshops planned for the first quarter of 2018 that will run through February and March.

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