On Friday, July 20, at 2:30 p.m., a ribbon cutting ceremony took place at the Fineview Overlook on Catoma Street to celebrate recent renovations completed by the Pittsburgh Department of Public Works (DPW). Mayor Bill Peduto and members of his team were present, as well as Cheryl Gainey, Tenant Council President at Allegheny Dwellings, Mike Gable, Director of DPW, and members from the Perry Hilltop and Fineview Citizens Councils.

By Ashlee Green

Over a year ago, Fineview residents began to notice damage to the Overlook’s original concrete platform. It was splitting and becoming unstable. Neighbors and community council members feared it would eventually pull away from the hillside and collapse.

DPW initially responded with patches to the platform, but when those didn’t hold, it was replaced in full. The work was completed about two weeks ago.

“There are a lot of memories here,” said Joanna Deming, Executive Director of Fineview and Perry Hilltop Citizens Councils. “It is an asset to our community.”

She said the overlook is a popular spot to watch fireworks and theater performances. One neighborhood resident was even married there. She’s excited for it to remain a safe, neighborhood staple.

“This is a good catalyst to build on,” Deming said.

At the ceremony, Mayor Peduto reiterated his plans to rededicate more than $4 million of old capital budget money to infrastructure projects citywide this year, including ones in Fineview, Troy Hill, and Spring Hill. These unused monies, left over from past projects spanning from 2003 to 2018, will go toward landslide remediation, street paving, and other “neighborhood priority projects.”

Find more information about Mayor Peduto’s proposed neighborhood improvement projects here.

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