Real estate transfers: September 3-7, 2012


 Residential and commercial real estate transactions from the week of September 3-7, 2012.

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Allegheny West
James McNamara to Robert and Michele Johnson at 812 Beech Ave. for $260,000.
Jay Stoltenberg to Joseph and Erin Martier at 834 Western Ave. for $132,000.

Brighton Heights
James Campau to Megan Graham and Kimberly Larsen at 3622 Brighton Road for $176,000.
David Good to Christopher and Erin Davies at 1800 Kleber St. for $107,500.
Federal National Mortgage Assn. to G8 8-12 Fund LLC at 3469 McClure Ave. for $5,366.

Realty Choice Investments LLC to LA Homes LLC at 2606 Bartold St. for $27,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Alan Obuzor at 1372 Oakhill St. for $25,000.

Robert Kopicko to Acorn Investment Group LLC at 2526 Stayton St. for $36,000.

Joseph Jenca to Steven and Susan McClary at 2809 Stayton St. for $68,000.

Michael Polaski to Charles Linhart at 1016 Woods Run Ave. for $25,000.

Dorothy Rastetter to Gregory and James Haduch at 915 Woods Run Ave. for $50,000.
Central Northside|
Daryl Winner to John Skillings at 1220 Buena Vista St. for $90,000.

Estate of Randolph Hughes to Jerry Speer and David Tkacik at 323 Jacksonia St. for $20,000.
East Deutschtown
Gary Florijan estate et al. to Yuquan Li at Suismon St. and Ahlers Way for $330,000.
Keith Robert Tilton to Fineview Citizens Council Inc. at 21 Lanark St. for $24,000.

David Marks to Fineview Citizens Council Inc. at 25 Lanark St. for $20,000.

Historic Deutschtown
October Real Estate Holdilngs LLC to Luka Pocivavsek and Nicholas Moriarty at 1322 James St. for $271,000.

Pittsburgh City to Manchester Youth Development Center at 1221 N. Franklin St. for $1,500.|
Owen Brown to Gretchen Morgenstern and Paul Carlson at 1003 Sheffield St. for $155,900.
Perry Hilltop
Jennifer Eisner to Luke Ravenstahl at 2251 Hazelton St. for $110,000.
Kenneth Smith to Ross Harris Investments LLC at 120 Maywood St. for $11,000.
Home Solutions Capital LLC to Union Commonwealth LLC at 2705 Sherlock St. for $2,042.
Spring Hill
Jan Comport to Gestalt Properties LLC at 1810 Walz St. for $7,000.
ASA Medical Services LLC to Realty Choice Investments LLC at 1030 Yetta Ave. for $17,000.

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