Real estate transfers June 27-July 1


Residential and commercial real estate transactions from the week of June 27-July 1, 2011.

Brighton Heights

Raymond Brooks to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee at 1419 Beckham St. for $1,761 by sheriff’s deed.

Thomas Galuska Jr. to National Residential Nominee Services In at 3656 Harbison Ave. for $122,020.

National Residential Nominee Services In to John and Brenda Schuck at 3656 Harbison Ave. for $122,020.

Estate of John Bartholomew to Wells Fargo Bank NA at 3426 Massachusetts Ave. for $1,557 by sheriff’s deed.

Bank New York Mellon trustee to Fortune Foreclosures LLC at 1516 Orchlee St. for $14,900.


Clement Cahall to Brightwood Civic Group at 1213 Woodland Ave. for $7,000.

Pittsburgh City to Brightwood Civic Group at 1320 Woodland Ave. for $2,000.

Central Northside

Pittsburgh City to Matthew Williamson at 1307 Reddour St. for $4,000.

Pittsburgh City to Joe Scolieri at 516 Dunloe St. for $2,000.

Paul Johnson to Pamela Grove at 409 Alpine Ave. for $183,000.

Leslie Vincen to Frank Martino at 1534 Monterey St. for $237,500.


ARP Assoc. LLC to Jay Jones III at 1008 Cedar Ave. for $112,500.

Michael Irwin to Bob Baumbach and Jennifer Saffron at 603 Thropp St. for $13,000.

East Deutschetown

Catholic Institute Pittsburgh to October Real Estate Holdings LLC at 800 Ohio St. E and Madison Ave. for $70,000.


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Sharon Spooner at 1435 Adams St. for $16,001.

Manchester Housing Development LLC to Brett Weinheimer at 1324 Columbus Ave. for $100,000.

Julia Scrivens et al. to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 1219 Juniata St. for $2,293 by sheriff’s deed.

Spring Hill

James Leistner to L & H Investment Properties LLC at 1332 Diana Place for $15,000.

Troy Hill

Alan Majewski to Lizabeth Guzman and Jeffrey Manganello at 10 Waterside Place for $350,200.


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