Real Estate Transfers June 13-17, 2011

 Residential and commercial real estate transactions from the week of June 13-17, 2011.

Brighton Heights

Seth Vlosich to William Kowallis at 1413 Cooper Ave. for $69,900.

Todd Ferraro to Brian and Annette Tarbuk at 3609 Harbison Ave. for $129,900.


Go Invest Wiesely LLC to Ross Harris Investment at 2925 Cake Way aka Hartman St. for $5,000.

Estate of Inez Zink to John and Alisha McCombs at 1325 Hodgkiss St. for $55,000.

Central Northside

Erik Riedel to Jane Borthwick and Stephen Story at 1233 Palo Alto St. for $300,000.

Terrance Snider to Robert Scialdone and Michael Paule at 1413 Arch St. for $135,000.

Matthew Grebner to October Real Estate Holdings LLC at 1509 Arch St. for $47,000.


October Real Estate Holdings LLC to Michael Purcell and Sarah Worchel at Hemlock St. for $302,960.

East Deutschtown

Allegheny Valley Bank Pittsburgh to Regina McCauley at 851 Peralta St. for $23,000.

Observatory Hill

Brian Chapman to Aaron and Robyn Barber at 3709 Perrysville Ave. for $160,000.

Bernard Jenks to Steven and Patrice Singleton at 4018 Perrysville Ave. for $27,000.

Perry Hilltop

Beverly Portis to Ellyn Inc. at 209 Marshall Ave. for $82,000.

Summer Hill

Dennis James to Brandy Mitchell at 4436 Evergreen Road for $112,900.

Troy Hill

Pamela Dumont to Carl Hoffield at 1414-1418 Gardner St. for $5,000.

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