Real estate transfers: February 4-8, 2013

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Brighton Heights
Regina Knight to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 3438 Fleming Ave. for $3,651 by sheriff’s deed.
Michael Gaborko III to Bruno Properties LLC at 1500 Orchlee St. and 1506 for $227,000.
Anne Sweeney to Thomas Yargo at 3605 Shadeland Ave. and Davis Ave. for $200,000.
Estate of Catherine Peters to Dawn Smith at 2054 Termon Ave. for $84,900.

Susan Pavlis et al. to Robert and Patricia Pudis at 3261 Central Ave. for $30,000.
Veterans Administration to Ideal Investments LLC at 1211 Dickson St. for $5,000.

US Bank NA trustee to EH Pooled 1112 L.P. at 1312 Stranmore St. for $11,050.

Central Northside
Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC to Fortune Foreclosures LLC at 1514 Monterey St. and Alpine Ave. for $29,900.
Napoleon Buice et al. to KAG Ltd. 2 LLC at 1412 Sandusky St. for $21,500.

Charles Street Valley
Estate of Alma Jones to Henry Jones Jr. et al. and Christine Burgess at 819 Melrose Ave. for $52,000.

East Deutschtown
Pittsburgh City to Cornelius Poillon at 848 Concord St. for $1,500.

Charles Menzock to Samuel and Debra Patti at 1500 Chateau St. for $135,000.
Sterling Long to USAUS LLC at 1419 Sedgwick St. for $17,500.

Observatory Hill
Estate of Laverne Paraskos to Darla Tucker at 3744 East St. for $20,000.

Perry Hilltop
Estate of Marian Cardani to Alan Percy at 660 Chester Ave. for $49,000.
Christian Fellowship Baptist Church to J Andrew Wolfinger at 2453 Perrysville Ave. for $90,000.
Estate of Ralph Maccall to Gustavo Vazquez at 213 W. Burgess St. for $4,000.

Spring Hill
Housing & Urban Development to Gabriel Antkowski at 1102 High St. for $11,763.

Troy Hill
James Harangozo to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 1107 Brabec St. for $1,709 by sheriff’s deed.
Philip Dacey to Dana Michelle Houston at 1630 Harpster St. for $50,000.
Tammy Brink to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. at 1440 Lowrie St. for $1,740 by sheriff’s deed.


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