Real estate transfers: August 27-31, 2012



 Residential and commercial real estate transactions from the week of August 27-31, 2012.

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Brighton Heights
Todero Corp. to Theodore Fiorillo and Magdalena Romano at 3811 Bonaventure Way for $8,900.
Pittsburgh Housing Development Corp. to Dane Smith at 3301 McClure Ave. for $135,000.
JoAnn Lyden to Christopher Evich at 2810 California Ave. for $15,000.
Estate of Salvidor John Nicotra to Wholesale Properties LLC at 2625 Stayton St. for $6,500.
Mom Haven 14 L.P. to Transportation Alliance Bank Inc. at 2805 Stayton St. for $18,660.
Peter Folino to Vincent Klingensmith at 2000-2002 Letsche St. for $28,000.
Historic Deutschtown
James Loebig et al. to Joseph Renckly at 1202 Linden Place for $40,000.
Melissa Vaughan to Patricia Borowski at 1221 N. Franklin St. for $126,000.
Observatory Hill
Synegy Select Investments Inc. to NJDP LLC at 67 Semicir St. for $11,500.
Perry Hilltop
Pittsburgh City to E & O Realty L.P. at 537 McClintock Ave. for $2,000.
Aurora Loan Services LLC to Nationstar Mortgage LLC at 414 Chautauqua St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $34,866).
Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Meng Yew Leong and Mei Ling Lena Goh at 414 Chautauqua St. for $10,100.
Wai Ching Lam et al. to Neal Holt at 2440 Perrysville Ave. for $8,000.
Spring Garden|
Pittsburgh City to Kenneth and Susan Kasunick at 1454 Firth St. for $7,000.
Spring Hill
Brenda Sue Thornton to Katherine Mitchell at 1124 Haslage Ave. for $44,000.
Troy Hill
Jean Simok Martin to WillSam Holdings LLC at 2023 Eggers St. for $25,000.
Walter Martin to WillSam Holdings LLC at 2025 Eggers St. for $25,000.
Raymond Horton to Kenneth and Lenora Vesio at 82 Waterfront Drive for $505,000.

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