Q&A with Schiller FACE coordinator Shayne Stromberg


What’s new and exciting these days at Schiller?

We are very excited about the iPad initiative. Because of the hard work and dedication of Ms. Spanoudakis, our eight grade math teacher and ITL2, we have received an iPad for each of our seventh and eighth grade students, as well as a classroom set for our sixth grade students. We are looking forward to the final roll-out of the iPads into all contents for instruction.

What has been your favorite program or experience at Schiller in 2012?

I would have to again mention the iPads; this has been a very exciting process to see our school become completely wi-fi compatible, as well as experience the excitement of our kids as they feel comfortable with utilizing technology in the classroom.

We have also had a wonderful year so far with parent participation. Our parent attendance at PSCC meetings is up, and the parents are very enthusiastic about volunteering and attending school events, such as the chorus concert, Back-to-School Night and school dances. We actually had a parent coordinate her daughter’s music group video here at Schiller!

What do teachers and students have to look forward to for the remainder of the school year?

We have several activities planned for the upcoming months, such as a PSSA reward Field Trip to Romp-‘n-Roll, seventh grade field trip to Carnegie Science Center, our annual Kennywood trip and an exciting one night end-of-the-year trip to Cedar Point!

We will also have a Classical Festival that coordinates with our school wide Classical Magnet Program, our spring musical, “Schiller’s Seussical”, and portfolio project presentations that tie in students’ career goals and how they can be met with pursuing the Pittsburgh Promise.

What challenges do you anticipate for the remainder of the school year?

As with any school year, the challenge lies with motivating students to do their best every single day. With the fantastic staff and students at Schiller, we look forward to reaching this goal, through hard-work, perseverance and the attitude that EFFORT CREATES ABILITY!

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