Q&A with Pittsburgh King FACE coordinator Lesely Crawford


What’s new and exciting these days at King?

There are several new and exciting things happening at King these days.  First ,we celebrate The Success Schools Model, which has motivated our students academically and behaviorally.  Our students are building their leadership skills and demonstrating responsibility through this model.  April 1 – 5, was Spirit week, during this time we are preparing students for the Pennsylvania State Standards Assessment (PSSA) with meaningful activities.  On April 4, Strong Women, Strong Girls hosted a Clothing Fair.  Families in need were able to shop for clothing from 3 – 5 p.m. Lastly, Kings Kindergarten Transition team, hosted the Ready Freddy Kindergarten Registration Welcome Center on April 26.  Parents of children interested in registering for kindergarten for the 2013-2014 school year were encouraged to come out and enroll their child.

What was your favorite program or experience at King in 2012?

The teachers and students at King have had several programs and experiences that rank as their favorite.  Our whole school assembly is the most memorable.  Students from preK to 8th grade filled the gym and recited the DREAM chant and praised the accomplishments of their peers.  In February, the 2nd and 3rd grade team put together the Black History Month Program that included an African clothing fashion show, a mime group, singing of the black national anthem and a special song from one of our third graders.   Then there was the team building activity where the staff worked in teams through various obstacles setup around the building.  How funny did we look walking around with balloons wedged between us guiding our blindfolded leader?  How could we forget the stash the trash day with Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, keeping our neighborhood clean is important to us?  Not to mention our partnership we have with Urban Impact. Finally, we also enjoy being with staff who continue to put their heart and soul into the business of educating students.

What do teachers and students have to look forward to for the remainder of the school year?

King is excitedly anticipating the following activities in the coming months:  Our monthly Pursuing our Promise student recognition and awards breakfast.  With the weather breaking we begin our Stash the Trash efforts to keep our community clean;  On May 17, we will host “Take your father to work day” and our Spring Dance.

What challenges do you anticipate for the remainder of the school year?

The only challenge we anticipate for the remainder of the school year is running out of time for all of the work we still have yet to do.

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