A screenshot of the PWSA's "lead map."

New “lead map” highlights the locations of lead water lines throughout the City of Pittsburgh and Millvale

By: NSC Staff

On Wednesday, May 2 the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) released an interactive map highlighting the locations of potential lead lines feeding into 20,000 Pittsburgh homes and buildings.

The “lead map” was comprised of thousands of historical records – some dating back a hundred years – and inspections of “curb boxes,” which are water shutoff areas usually located between the water main and the building. Portions of Observatory Hill and Allegheny City Central have a high number of “unknown” tags following curb box inspections, according to the map. However, the identified areas will be subjects for planned lead line replacement later this year.

A screenshot of the identified lead line replacement area in Observatory Hill. The clear circles are “unknown” lead lines following curb box inspections. Click the photo above to view the entire map and legend.

Considering some of the data used to compile the map may be outdated, the PWSA has acknowledged that some of this information may be inaccurate. According to an article with the Tribune-Review, the PWSA is working with Michael Baker International to conduct a $2.8 million curb box inspection. The PWSA will be updating the map as more information becomes available.

To view the interactive map, click here.



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