PWSA and CEC holds public meeting for Riverview Park storm water issues

Local videographer, Willy James helps highlight a few of the issues affecting Riverview Park including stormwater drainage


On Thursday, April 5 PWSA and CEC opened their Riverview Park Mairdale Avenue Green Infrastructure Project up to public comment

By: NSC Staff

Last night representatives from Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) and Civil and Environmental Consultants Inc., (CEC) held a public meeting about the Riverview Park Mairdale Avenue Green Infrastructure Project at Perry Traditional Academy.

The meeting was focused on three proposed plans, which can be viewed here. Following public comment, a finalized plan will be issued in the summer of 2018. However, construction on the project will not begin until next year.

The project plans to reduce stormwater overflows and improve the park’s stormwater runoff. A number of issues including sediment buildup, outdated retention systems and a series of ecological issues including an invasive worm population, that are contributing factors to a decline in the park’s natural drainage systems. The above video (filmed in November by Northsider, Willy James) helps identify some of those contributing factors and details on the upcoming Mairdale Avenue Project.

Riverview Park resides in the Woods Run O-27 Watershed, the 14th largest watershed in Allegheny County. The watershed is considered a “combined sewer system” meaning stormwater and sewage are both migrated into the same sewer system. Naturally, this combination leads to a heavy overflow and under the PWSA’s City-Wide Green First Plan, the Mairdale Avenue inflow location was identified as a priority target to help reduce and improve stormwater drainage.

For more information on the Riverview Park Mairdale Avenue Green Infrastructure Project visit PWSA’s project page.

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