Profile of artist Nevin Robinson


By Ed Skirtich

If you’ve ever spent time at the sports stadiums on the North Shore, think of pen and ink sketches from Pittsburgh artist Nevin Robinson.

Three Rivers Stadium, Heinz Field and PNC Park are staple prints in Robinson’s collection, and he even sold pen and ink sketches directly to the two existing stadiums.

Robinson, from Lawrenceville, remarked on the dedicated fan base that is found throughout the city.

“People love Pittsburgh sports,” Robinson said.

One of his pen and ink sketches depicts a game at PNC Park, where baseball players can be seen with awesome detail. For example, it is noticeable that the pitcher is slightly bent on the pitcher’s mound and each outfielder standing in position ready for a fly ball.

When Robinson was 8-years-old he began drawing faces and images from magazines like “National Geographic.” He also drew pictures of neighborhood houses and buildings while riding the bus through Pittsburgh.

Robinson attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated in 1971. In 1973 he said he traveled to Italy, Switzerland and Germany for a month creating artwork along his journey and sold them at art shows, but did not make any prints.

As well as the North Shore stadiums, Robinson draws a handful of different pen and ink sketches of buildings and scenery throughout the Pittsburgh area.

You can visit his kiosk any time at Station Square Shops or visit his website at

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