Preservation career presentation in Manchester


On Saturday, April 30, Dr. Herman L. Reid, Jr., EdD., will lead a free career awareness program from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. at the Manchester Citizens Corporation, 1319 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233. Following pizza and introductions, Dr. Reid will lead an interactive session that will help each person assess his/her personality and prepare a career plan based on his/her strengths.

From the PHLF:

The Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation is sponsoring this initiative with Dr. Reid, an experienced educator, former executive, and trustee. The goal is to educate young adults, especially in historic inner-city neighborhoods where PHLF is at work, about trade and technical career choices, including the preservation trades and other technical trades associated with rehabilitating structures.

Dr. Reid presents information on 20 entry-level careers in the fields of preservation and technical trades, business, and health care. For more information or to reserve a place in the April 30 session, contact Mary Lu:; 412-471-5808, ext. 527.

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