Port Authority fares will go up Jan. 2


A bus fare hike initially scheduled to go into effect Jan. 1 will now begin on Jan. 2 because the Port Authority is offering free service on News Year Day.

On Jan. 2, Zone 1 fares (the Northside is within Zone 1) will increase from $2 to $2.25.  Zone 2 fares will increase to $3.25 from $2.75 and transfers will increase to $1 from $0.75.  The changes will apply to all Port Authority bus, T and incline service.

Free rides are being offered on New Years Day in celebration of the holiday and the NHL’s 2011 Winter Classic hockey game.  PepsiMAX is sponsoring the free rides.

Buses and the T will operate on a holiday schedule on New Years Day and a regular weekday schedule on New Years Eve.  For more information visit www.portauthority.org or call 412-442-2000.

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