Planning for the Future in Troy Hill


    For the past several months, a dedicated group of volunteers on the Troy Hill Design Committee worked on a plan to guide the efforts of the community in regards to promoting efficient planning and design practices, developing fund-raising for neighborhood improvements, and working with business owners to improve the business district as a whole. 

    The Troy Hill Citizens Council received a $10,000 grant from the Community Design Center for Pittsburgh (CDCP) -a non-profit organization devoted to improving the quality of design in Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods – to support this planning effort.

    This plan, appropriately named “The Heart of Troy Hill”, is a comprehensive plan that will help the Troy Hill Citizens Council focus on the vision and goals for the neighborhood.  The plan is encompasses a majority of the businesses, the historic Troy Hill Fire House, three churches – including St. Anthony’s Chapel, and several blocks of neighborhood residences. 
    The plan will also offer sustainable solutions that can be applied to both the business district and residential situations. 

    The committee selected Pashek Associates as the consultant to help guide the project.  Pashek is located on the Northside on East Ohio Street, and specialize in community planning and design. 
    The Heart of Troy Hill project leaders conducted public meetings on the subject, as well as several committee meetings, in conjunction with Pashek Associates.   

     One aspect of the plan is to implement a strategy to plant several hundred new trees in the neighborhood, as a way to update streetscapes, attracting new residents and businesses, and improve the overall quality of life in the community.  This goal was forwarded on April 4th, with the planting of a variety of new trees on Troy Hill’s residential streets.  Other goals included in the plan are identified as:  streetscape improvements, façade improvements, sustainable solutions, and potential reinvestment sites.

    Additional planning efforts being conducted by the Troy Hill Design Committee include an overall neighborhood master plan, and a plan to redesign the Troy Hill Citizen’s Park.

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